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Todays Logs
Todays Logs

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Riders of the Year-2014
Men's ROY is the first person to receive the award twice - Bill Lang; of Illinois and Texas. The first time bill received ROY when he was diagnosed with a blood cancer and told that he had only a few months to live (2010). But he kept riding. Since then he had a stem cell procedure and in 2014, he rode over 7000 miles!

Women's ROY is another rather unique one, since the main reason for the award is her contribution to endurance cycling races and to my career, such as it was, to cycling, my wife, Lori Parker!
Thanks and Arf!Arf!
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The Century Challenge

Big Dogs Leader Board
Men's Mileage and Century Leaders
March Top Dogs
Kurt Searvogel6170.3
Steven Abraham5750.2
Dex Tooke1401.7
Ryan Crawford1193.42
Paul Carpenter1140
Kurt Searvogel54
Steven Abraham46
Eric Overton5
Larry Ide5
Kirk Roggenkamp4
2015 to Date
Steven Abraham16853.5
Kurt Searvogel16312.3
Dex Tooke4026.2
Paul Carpenter3464
Ryan Crawford3327.41
Kurt Searvogel134
Steven Abraham117
Eric Overton8
Marko BALOH8
Ryan Crawford7
Women's Mileage and Century Leaderspan>
March Top Dogs
Kay Covington933
Randy Love845.76
Cathy Hill776
Melissa Hall758.8
Merry VanderLinden745
Cathy Hill4
Melissa Hall4
Randy Love3
Connie Mann3
Cathy Hill1
2015 to Date
Kay Covington1720.9
Randy Love1549.59
Melissa Hall1467.1
Merry VanderLinden1450
Cathy Hill1253
Melissa Hall8
Cathy Hill6
Randy Love5
Elizabeth Young3
Connie Mann3
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