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Todays Logs
Todays Logs

                                            how you doin'


  • E-Mail your pics!
  • Sunday Morning.
  • Greg ascending Washington Pass.
  • Rainy Pass.
  • John Schlitter, Bill Ford, Larry Ide, Joe Mann, Tim Richardson, Kurt Servogel, and Connie Mann.  Not pictured Marco Baloh and Jackie Schlitter.
  • Dave

Summer is only 2 days old and it's almost the 4th of July! How time flies when it gets warm. So everyone get moving and send me pictures of your adventures. Just e-mail them to me  - and I'll get them posted as quick as possible.

Arf Arf! Dave
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Big Dogs Leader Boards
Men's Mileage and Century Leaders
June Top Dogs
Deacon Matthew Levy2120
Ryan Crawford2043.14
Tim Richardson1970.8
Paul Carpenter1655
Richard Johnston1314.64
Tim Richardson18
Deacon Matthew Levy11
Marko BALOH8
Ryan Crawford8
Greg Smith5
2014 to Date
Ryan Crawford10851.12
Deacon Matthew Levy10600
Paul Carpenter9836
Larry Ide9311.31
Tim Richardson7649.14
Larry Ide55
Deacon Matthew Levy44
Ryan Crawford37
Tim Richardson29
Marko BALOH25
Women's Mileage and Century Leaders
June Top Dogs
Randy Love1628.01
Kay Covington1447.65
Julie Cremer830.5
Melissa Hall822.9
Merry VanderLinden751
Randy Love7
Melissa Hall6
Aisha Soderberg4
Elizabeth Young2
Cathy Hill2
2014 to Date
Randy Love7437.29
Kay Covington7421.89
Melissa Hall5232
Merry VanderLinden2985
Julie Cremer2864.5
Melissa Hall35
Randy Love20
Kay Covington15
Elizabeth Young10
Aisha Soderberg9
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